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ZK Fellowship Program

**Applications for the Pilot ZK Fellowhip is CLOSED but you can still apply and you will be contacted for the next fellowship **


The time commitment is >=20 hours per week.


The pilot program is 4-5 weeks and includes 3 main modules: introductory crash course, a zk-dApp Circom codebase, and a course on MSM and FFT.

Subsequent blocks will take place on an ongoing “rolling” basis. We may go slow or fast depending on the progress made by the Fellows.

Developments in ZK proving systems will also inform our choice of what theory and implementations we choose in subsequent blocks after the pilot. Tentatively, and this may be subject to change, we plan to look at Halo2 in July/August 2023.


Other than the general requirements, no prior ZK knowledge is required.

A typical week in the fellowship program:

  • The auditing sprint starts on Monday with an overview session delivered by one of our resident auditors, a guest auditor, or the codebase author.
  • During the week, async discussion take place between fellows, mentors, guest auditors, residents, and codebase devs.
  • Fellows can work in groups during the week. Groups may meet during the week over calls.
  • At the end of the week (or second week for larger codebases), fellows present their findings and receive feedback from our residents, mentors, and codebase authors.
  • The auditing sprint ends with a retreat session where we invite a prominent guest for a lecture or AMA with the fellows.

Before applying, please make sure you have read and understood the general structure and guidelines of our programs.

If you have questions you want to ask before applying, you may contact at:
zk AT yacademy DOT dev

If you think you are a good fit for the program (yay!), please apply:

Apply to ZK Fellowships