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Fellowship Programs

yAcademy fellowships are not introductory programs to software auditing. They are trial-by-fire programs where you will audit pre-production or in-production codebases, and the stakes are very high.

  • You will be auditing alongside our residents, guest auditors, and mentors.

  • You will be expected to participate, add value to the discussions, and submit reports.

  • You will be expected to be fluent at setting up test environments, and running common tools.

  • You are not required to have experience in auditing in the Web3 space, but you must be proficient in software engineering generally and have published proof of technical work. Please note that as the yAcademy fellowship continues getting more popular, the competition to join our programs is increasing with each iteration.

If you think our program is too advanced for you now, fear not, you can still join after going through an introductory program such as Secureum. If you prefer to fly solo, you can bootstrap yourself and hunt for bounties on Immunefi. Then, come back and apply, we would love to boost your progress to an advanced level.

Smart Contract Fellowships   ZK Fellowships